The PBSSC was formed in 1968 by Southern California area scouts in order to promote the social welfare of all full-time and part-time employed members.

Our mission being to come to the aid of those members in dire need of financial assistance.

To cultivate good fellowship for the good of the game of baseball and those directly involved.

To aid and assist in the development and promotion of the teaching of baseball to youth groups in cooperation with other progress established for this purpose.

To assist with other like-minded and charitable organizations in promoting and engaging in baseball games to raise money for charitable purposes.

Our Purpose

Our commitment

Official website of the Professional Baseball Scouts of Southern California

our mission statement

The PBSSC, or Professional Baseball Scouts of Southern California, is a non profit organization that consists of the MLB scouts in Southern California. We thank you for visiting our site and we hope, that after reading about our association, you will understand how much we care about our community and that you would help us in our quest to fulfill the needs of those around us. We would love for you to come out to one of our charity events and join us. Book a foursome and have a great day of golf getting to know the scouts and players that join us every year or come to our annual poker tournament the night before Area Codes each year.

Welcome to the SoCal Scouts website

The PBSSC is committed to improving our community with the game of baseball. Reaching out to help those in need is something we hold close to our hearts and we believe there is nothing more important in the world than to lend a helping hand. We have already been fortunate enough to help the families of those whom have lost a dad or a mom, by giving them some money to help with the everyday costs. We have collected clothes to helps those who are not as fortunate or maybe just going through a rough time in life.

We hope you can support us and allow us to continue giving in all aspects of the community. Click on our events link to see how you can help.

The purpose organizing this corporation is for general welfare and not profit. Any income derived there-from shall not be paid out as dividends to any person, but shall be used for the general welfare purposes of this corporation.

To conduct social affairs of every type or kind deemed to be for the benefit and to promote the interest of this corporation and its members to help carry out its purposes.

In general, to have and exercise all of the powers conferred by the laws of the State of California upon corporations formed under the general non-profit corporation law.